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Gordon Dinnie

RST Chairman

2010 - Present

The Rangers Supporters Trust has one simple aim: to encourage and facilitate supporters of Rangers FC to buy and hold share in the club in order to influence future decisions.

The future of Rangers must be in the hands of people who care about the club rather than just seeing it as a financial investment.
The long term aim of The Rangers Supporters Trust is to deliver ownership of the club to its loyal supporters.

04 Sep

RST Statement

Official Statement - Posted on September 04, 2014

Following a meeting of the Rangers Supporters Trust (RST) board we have the following statement to release. As shareholders in Rangers International Football Club (RIFC) we have decided unanimously to partake in the upcoming open offer. This will be carried … Continued

The Latest Trust Statement

17 Oct

Coming soon…Ashley and the vanishing revenue

Official Statement - Posted on October 17, 2014
Blog submitted by Buster Mike Ashley has many business interests (including Sports Direct) and they have made him a very wealthy man. When he bought Newcastle United in June 2007 and said “Newcastle attracted me because everyone in England knows that it has the best fans in football… don’t get me wrong. I did not buy Newcastle to make money. I bought Newcastle because I love football.” must have sounded like manna from heaven to the Newcastle support as they may have thought more along the lines of 'Champions L ... Continued