Buy Rangers

Buy Rangers

In December 2012 The RST launched BuyRangers, where we gave the support the opportunity to invest in Rangers as a collective via ‘community shares’. In four days £250,000 was invested and the scheme is live and accepting investments. Every penny placed into Buy Rangers will be used to increase the fans' collective stake in the club.

You have to be a registered member of the Rangers Supporters Trust to be able to purchase Community Shares and participate in Buy Rangers. 

Existing Members
If you are an existing member, login in to the Members Area and select the Purchase Shares option from the navigation.

New Members
If you are not an existing member, please Join the Rangers Supporters Trust first by completing the Application form below. 

The Annual Fee is £10.00 or you can opt for a Lifetime Membership of £100.

Once you have joined the Trust, you can login to the Members Area to purchase your shares. These can be purchased from £125 for a one off payment or via direct debit. Direct debit payments are now also available to overseas fans. 

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