BuyRangers campaign Direct Debit Scheme

After all you have been through in the past year, you now have the opportunity to collectively invest in Rangers and create a community around the club you love. – Rangers F.C. For a minimum of £125 the opportunity to have a meaningful stake in Rangers is here.

The aim is straightforward, to purchase a substantial share in our football club and put the control firmly in the hands of those to whom it means most. It’s an opportunity to harness that collective passion to ensure we never again suffer from the actions of a small group of individuals. What if for the first time as a Rangers fan you could attend an AGM and cast your vote which would actually count for something. For too long our aspirations have not been at the forefront, now, together they can be.

Our long term target

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How does the system work

Payment receipts designated solely for the purchase of Club shares will be transferred to and held, in Escrow, in a bank account operated by DWF LLP and managed by the RST Finance Committee until adequate capital has been raised to acquire shares in the Club and it is deemed a prudent time to do so. Other payment receipts will be held in the members’ current account and may be used to fund interest on loan capital raised for the purpose of purchasing shares in the Club.

What are withdrawal requirements

Your payments will not be returned to you except as provided below:

  • an Application for Withdrawal Form is received by the RST Board – a) No withdrawal will be permitted during the first 3 years of the Scheme except in the event of BuyMonthly default
  • RST is dissolved and there is remains sufficient property following satisfaction of debts and liabilities
  • You are a BuyMonthly member who has not yet fully paid the value of any one Community Share and is deemed to be in default by these rules – see item 4.

Can you breakdown the costs?

The Society will collect the monthly instalments you choose on the Application Form via GoCardless. The monthly instalment amount includes a 1% charge levied by GoCardless, the annual amount payable includes a your annual membership subscription of £10.00 and a £7 administration fee levied by the Society. If you have already paid your annual subscription or are a life member and you are seeking refund please contact the BuyRangers administration team via the Zendesk at You acquire all legal rights to the Community Share(s) on successful collection of your first instalment by GoCardless however the Society reserves the right to execute withdrawal of the Community Share(s) on your behalf in the event of default.

GoCardless and Payments

DEFAULT: In the event of GoCardless being unable to successfully collect the instalment and you do not make good the shortfall to the Society within 30 days of the final application for payment this agreement will terminate and your part payments towards your Community Share(s) to date will be refunded to you after the deduction of the GoCardless charges and the Society administration fee. Fully paid for Community Shares may only be withdrawn in accordance with the Society’s withdrawal rules.

My Personal Information

The information provided in the application form will be handled in a sensitive manner and in accordance with Data Protection legislation and/or as required by the Police or regulatory authority for the prevention of crime

How long will my application take

Applications will be processed in the order upon which they are received and will be accepted or rejected at the absolute discretion of the Board. In the event your application is rejected your remittance in respect of a Capital Funding share will be returned immediately

What are the Community Share Issue rules

By completion and submission of the RST Community Share Issue Application Form and a remittance of a minimum of £12.84 as detailed in the Application Form, you:

  • offer to purchase the number of Community Share Issues detailed in the Application form subject to the conditions contained herein and in the Community Share Issue offer and in accordance with the rules of the Society
  • in applying you are not relying on any information or representation other than that contained within this Community Share Issue offer and the Application form and the rules of the Society

What about interest

The Community Share Issue account will be an interest bearing account. Except where this document says otherwise, any interest earned on the account will be for the administration of the scheme first and then the benefit of the Society

Our long term goal – A majority shareholder

Membership of the Fund will be structured on a one member, one vote basis ensuring we never again suffer from the actions of a small group of individuals. As a trust member you can participate in monthly voting and topic suggestion but as a member of the BuyRangers campaign you can participate in official trust polls which will be presented at the Rangers yearly AGM.